We strongly believe the investment in solar power is not just looking up a price on the internet and picking cheapest the one, you wouldn't go into a car dealer and just ask for the cheapest car.




As a general rule a quality solar power system will cost around $1.40 per watt fully installed after STC credits, this is indicative of the average pricing but we strongly suggest to obtain a proper quotation to learn about the full benefits of any solar power system.


The  federal  government  has  four  solar  zones  in  Australia,  each  with  a different STC (small technology certificate) credit. They  are  described  by  your  post  code, your zone can  be  found  here

Most solar power systems in Australia require pre-approval, which is included in our Service delivery

Any size system over 5 kw would need a three phase supply at the property.

Any size system 20 kw and over will requires a far greater in depth assesment which may include the need for a structual engineer to approve the building.


Solar Panels

Suntech 250watt

Canadian Solar 265 watt


SMA (Made in Germany)

ABB  (Designed in Italy)

Warranty on Panels

10-12 Year Manufactures Warranty

25 Year Performance Warranty

Warranty on Inverters

SMA 5 Year On Site Warranty (extendable to 10,15 and 20 years)

ABB 5 Year On Site Warranty (extentable to 10,15 and 20 years)